One of my favorite fishing spots on the Upper Russian River...

One of the many alpine lakes right next to the motel

Limits of sockeye!

One of the many batches of sockeye salmon we put in the freezer every year. 

Chasing giant lake trout in Hidden Lake; one of the many lakes off Skilak Loop Rd. 

Holding up part of her daily limit of sockeye on the Kenai River. 

You really never know whats around the next corner on the Kenai!

Playing in the Kenai River as we get ready to launch the boat.

Hiking the Russian River Trail

Floating the river between Sportsmans and Jims on the Kenai River. 

Silver fishing really turns on in August and runs the rest of the season. A #4 or #5 Vibrax in a good choice. We keep a good supply of lures and gear in our gift shop. 

One of the many black bears in the area. The Kenai Peninsula has one of the largest populations of black and brown bears in the world.

This big guy was just down the street this spring enjoying some fresh grass along the side of the highway. You never know what you will see in Alaska!

The Drive along Turnigan Arm coming from Anchorage. 

Gorgeous day hike to Crescent Lake 

Beautiful silver salmon in the Russian River in September. 

Hiking the trails around the Russian River on a beautiful Spring day.

Come enjoy the most beautiful place on earth! 


Halibut fishing out of Seward. 

reds on the Russian! 

Floating down the Kenai River passing the Russian River Ferry